Core Cast is a comedy podcast hosted by Matt Treck, Spence D’Mann, and Surfdudeboy. We primarily discuss gaming topics and entertainment industry related news.


August 22, 2022

Episode 75 - The Finale

Welcome to the finale of Core Cast! Join us for Episode 75 featuring Spence, Matt, Robbie, Nina and Syletsia! This will be the final official episode of this series that started over a decade ago, but this does not necessarily mark the end of this journey for our hosts. Stay tuned for updates and be sure to check out Spence's Patreon linked below for more content!

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Welcome to Episode 74 of Core Cast! Holy political pizza pedos, Mattman! We’re flying over Epstein Island and into Lovecraft Country!


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Join Matt, Spence, Robbie and Nina for Episode 73 of Core Cast! This episode we venture into the deep, dark, slimy depths of...things. Join us as we cover the recent events of the past few weeks! Matt goes a little full throttle on a Pepsi font, and we all learn a thing or two about the business that the dragons from Rick and Morty opened after their spotlight.

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Matt, Spence, Robbie, and Nina are back for Episode 72 - Dark Side of the Boom! Join us this week as we discuss the current on-goings and travesties of the world. As well as some entertainment industry topics such as Grand Theft Auto 5, Red Dead 2, Star Wars, and other various shenanigans!


And always remember, he's watching . . .


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Join Matt, Nina, Robbie and Spence as they go for the long haul and dive deep into topics such as the Mafia gaming franchise, Half-Life 3 (I mean Half-Life: Alyx), VR, Chris-Chan, and Animal Crossing: New Horizon as well as other random games and movies sprinkled in...


...with Covid-19.

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Bored... Bored never changes. In the first half of 2020, America gets hit by the pandemic that has changed the industry for all nerds. Join Matt Treck, Spence D’Mann Robbie Surfdudeboy, and introducing Nina NivoxTree in an episode talking about everything we normally talk about but now effected by Covid-19. Enjoy this in the safety of your home or vehicle. Stay safe and stay tuned!

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August 20, 2019

Episode 69 - Nice

Matt, Spence, and Robbie return in 2019 for episode 69 of Core Cast! Join us as we catch up on the happenings since our last episode as well as the latest entertainment industry news!

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Matt, Spence, and Robbie return for episode 68 of Core Cast after a year's hiatus!

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January 10, 2017

Episode 67 - The Rogue One

Join Matt, Spence, and Robbie as we return for Episode 67 of Core Cast! In this episode we recount the various events of the year and try to catch up with all the happennings!

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January 26, 2016

Episode 66 - A Force Awakens

Join Matt, Spence and Robbie for Episode 66 of Core Cast! The gang discusses Star Wars and other events since their last episode!

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Join Matt, Spence, Robbie and special guests Adelle Udon and DarkChiron! This week we'll discuss all things Fallout! A big thanks to Adelle for making our awesome thumbnail this week!


Please check out Adelle and DarkChiron's pages!
Adelle: Adelle's FaceBook Page
DarkChiron: DarkChiron's YouTube Page

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Join Matt, Spence, and Robbie in Episode 64 of Core Cast! Join us as we talk about Fallout 4, Netflix, and many other topics!

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Welcome to the long awaited episode 63 of Core Cast! Featuring Spence D'Mann, Surfdudeboy, and Matt Treck!

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Join Matt, Spence, Ace, Robbie, Syl, and Javier Palenzuela in episode 62 of Core Cast! Apologies for the tardiness, the evil Grinch stole our episode! But have no fear, we've recovered it!

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October 21, 2014

Episode 61 - Aliens

Join Matt, Spence, Robbie, Syl, Vert, and Ace in this weeks episode of Core Cast! In this episode we discuss horror games, Star Wars, and crappy face scanning!

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