Core Cast is a comedy podcast hosted by Matt Burgess, Spence D’Mann, and Surfdudeboy. We primarily discuss gaming topics and entertainment industry related news.

September 13, 2011

Episode 4 - Cabbages and Cardboard

Join Matt Treck, Vert, Silent Syl and Spence D'Mann as they discuss Minecraft, Movies, and Mayhem! Vert will talk about Team iLuminate and Schweddy Balls. Syl and Matt will cover things about the latest zombie game Dead Island and discuss whether or not if the game is worth getting. And be prepared for the ride of your life, when Spence takes the show to another dimension as he reveals the horrors of one Chili's restaurant, that after giving it 3 chances and visited it one last time, swore to slam the nail on the coffin to never go there again!

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