Core Cast is a comedy podcast hosted by Matt Burgess, Spence D’Mann, and Surfdudeboy. We primarily discuss gaming topics and entertainment industry related news.

September 26, 2011

Episode 6 - Matt’s Potterbored

This week, Spence, Matt, Syl and V-13 discuss the many fun things going on as of recently. Spence starts with reading a report from Vert who was unable to make it this episode. The short report covers the entire plot to Don't be "Afraid of the Dark" and we begin to figure out the reasoning to the madness. We then quickly talk about Stronghold 3 with Syl. Then grab your bags and follow V-13 through Platform 9 and 3/4 as she whisks us into the magical world of Pottermore, while there, Matt turned into a hat that wasn't of the sorting kind as he starts some tom foolery with his head phones. Then join Spence and Matt in our new education program we like to call "Reading Indulgence" (must have been the books in the forbidden section, now we know why.) V-13 and Spence chat about Sims Games in general and some of the misadventures they had in the Sims 2. The Hat Spell continues to effect Matt as he turns into a Drum set, but then Syl cancels the spell with "Tech Talk". Spence then tries to talk about some big news about Alienware for those Alienware enthusiasts but gets interupted by Matt trying to prevent Jay from entering the "studio". We then wrap up with a bit of chit chat with Jay about Pottermore, Computers, and Anime.

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